Normal schedule resumes …

It’s the first week of work and time seems to go very fast. It’s already Friday tomorrow and I hope that I will be able to rest more than usual this weekend. Well, you might be thinking that I should have rested a lot during the Christmas and New Year holiday but in fact, it’s busier than before. In the past, I would only be busy for the first couple of days after Christmas, that was to accompany Mee to sales in London. After that, we stayed at home most of the time or even when we were at our sister’s place, we would not go out very often. We shopped less this year, a lot less. However, we were at our sister’s place for a week and we basically went out every day; shopped a bit, window shopping and ate a lot.

When we arrived home, we saw a letter from our landlord. Our rent increased by more than £60 per month. That’s really a lot considering our pay rise is a lot less than that. By the way, I don’t even expect in getting a pay rise this year. I know that the landlord never increases our rent since we moved in. However, we would really appreciate if he increases the rent gradually rather than the £60 immediately. We had a discussion and hopefully, he will change his mind.

The weather has turned cold since coming back from my sister’s place. Oddly but not, it is still bright and sunny in the afternoon.

Mee and I also started our first gym class yesterday. It was body attack. The class was full of people. Every evening classes that I look now are almost fully booked, even for next week as members are allowed to book 7 days in advance. The spinning class that I usually go to on Thursday is now fully booked. The body attack class for next week has only 4 spaces left. I havent’ booked it yet as we might change our mind and go to body pump which is the next class. I guess, we will only be doing Pilates for today.

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