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Ever since Mee and I came back from my sister’s place after Christmas and New Year, I must say that I haven’t wore my iPod Nano as watch yet. That’s partly because I had bought a Citizen Eco Drive watch which runs on light energy. It doesn’t require any charging or battery. Well, iPod Nano is cool as a watch but I don’t think it is suitable while travelling. I already have my Macbook Air, iPad and phones to charge and I wouldn’t want to worry about another piece of gadget while travelling.

I have to say, if I had bought this Citizen Eco Drive watch before browsing for iPod Nanos, I might have bought iPod Touch instead. While searching for watches that don’t require batteries, I found that most of them were either ugly or too expensive. It’s the Citizen Eco Drive that’s affordable and looks good that caught my attention. It’s quite a new model and no wonder I didn’t see it. Anyway, I still need an iPod just so I can listen to music while at the gym. I had a Sony MP3 player previously and it had broken like a year ago.

In addition, I recently found out why I can’t wear MP3 player for too long. The in-ear type of ear phone is what causing discomfort to my left ear. The Sony MP3 player that I used had an in-ear noise cancelling ear phone. The ear phone that I use while watching movies in the middle of the night is a JVC in-ear ear phone. Since I bought the iPod Nano which doesn’t come with in-ear ear phone, I could feel the difference immediately. It may not sound as good as but I would rather it be good to my ears.

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