Gym classes

Today, Mee and I went to the pilates class. It was full. I guess almost all the classes now are full as most people are trying to get rid of the weight that they gained over the holiday period. The gym area was crowded too. The pilates class was a bit different today as we used resistance bands which kind of help us to stretch further than usual. It’s not often that we use some kind of equipment in this class though it should make the class more interesting. The instructor, I believe, is the best among others in that gym. She monitors the progress of the regulars and will often encourage us to go a bit deeper each time. As for other instructors, they just show you the moves and it’s up to you to follow through.

Come Saturday, we will be going to our second body balance class. It’s a good class but again, the instructor only minds her own business. I did a step wrong last week and she didn’t bother to correct me, or anybody else. Well, I think I just have to be careful myself and not overwork in the body balance class in order to avoid any unwanted injury.

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