Paracetamol days …


I have been feeling feverish since Monday. I was not quite sure what happen but I just felt my body’s temperature rising by the minute while at work. I had two panadols on that day but it still didn’t help. I was feeling weak at night and my temperature was about 37.5 degrees Celsius. Mee and I are all too wary about what happened a year ago. Mee was sick a couple of weeks before last year’s Christmas and it took her a week to recover. I must had picked up some of her viruses and I became ill after her. Well, it took me two weeks to recover. Yeah, my last Christmas and New Year was plagued with an illness. This year, we are better prepared. As soon as we felt something is wrong, we will start taking panadols and lemsip. Personally, we feel that lemsip is more effective compared to paracetamol tablet. Anyway, when I am ill, I normally feel better at night. I feel a lot worse when I wake up in the morning and I would wish that I could stay in bed the whole day and not worry about work. I thought I got enough of rest during the Christmas period but clearly, I hadn’t.

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