Stay or move

The prospect of moving out of our current rented place is all but almost vanished. It’s the middle of January 2012 and Mee and I see no point in moving out until my work permit ends in October 2012. We could talk about my work permit all day long but in the end, it still depends on the rules and regulations when it comes to extend or reapply my work permit. Anyway, Mee and I still looking at newly advertised places for rent but so far, they are either expensive or not in a good shape. When looking for a place to rent, we don’t really mind whether it’s fully furnished, part furnished or unfurnished. We consider the amount of space available as well as the state of the bathroom and kitchen. Some landlords offer cheaper rents but it puts us off when the bathroom vanity look weary even if the kitchen looks good. Some apartments look immaculate but it comes with a price. Ultimately, we are still looking forward to buying a house instead of renting.

Always, it’s something that happens in our current rented place that prompted us the urge to move out. The latest one being a rise in rent by £15 a week. I said our landlord he is actually like a middle man who takes care of the house for the real landlord. We discussed with him a week ago and he said that he will try to negotiate with the landlord and give me a reply in a day or two. We waited a week and I finally texted him on the past Monday. A few minutes later, he replied and said that the landlord doesn’t want to lower the rent. We are unsure whether or not he actually discussed with the landlord. If he had already known beforehand, he should have texted us long time ago; since he likes to text so much. The fact that we texted him and got a reply just a few minutes later, makes us in doubt. It’s pointless talking about it though since we can’t change anything by complaining. We either stay or move. Still, it’s not the right time to move yet.

Hopefully, I won’t be talking about the same thing one year later!

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