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Candy Apples

I have just been into Facebook. It’s been quite a while since I last browsed through my friends’ pictures. The fact is, there is so many information that gets updated these days and if I haven’t been in Facebook for a day, I will be lost in the sea of news feed. Hence, I just take it easy and only login whenever I feel like it and browse anything which appears on my news feed. Anyway, I just saw some incredible candy apples pictures post by one of my Facebook friends. They look incredibly delicious and unique. I wonder if the pictures were taken in a shop or they were actually made by my friend. Some of her friends have already made some comments but she still hasn’t replied yet. I can’t wait to find out.

Talking about my approach on Facebook, I find that Flipboard really helps a lot. Flipboard is an iOS app that displays feeds from any sources like Facebook, twitter and RSS feeds. I just entered my Facebook account, Flipboard will then display my Facebook’s news feed like a newspaper format. I can then flip through from the latest posts to the last posts that Flipboard allows. Using Flipboard, I can still make comments, likes as well as create new posts. Thanks to the app integration, I can view Youtube videos effortlessly and zoom pictures by pinching the screen. I used to like Pulse but Flipboard just take the feeds reading to a whole new level.

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