It’s Winter?

For last few years, I would be wearing two jackets, a shirt and a t-shirt to work at this time of the year. It’s weird that I am feeling hot right now in the office and it’s winter. The world has gone a bit mad and there are many interpretation regarding the Mayan’s calendar prediction. Some say it marks the start of the new Mayan calendar when it ends while most people would say that the world ends when it ends. Scientist also predicts that this year, the world is likely to face more natural disasters considering that last year, we had seen a handful of calamities that claimed thousands and thousands of lives. Well, scientist also predicts that the snow might even be worse this year but bright and sunny are what we experiencing.

Anyway, I read the free community newspaper that gets delivered to our house every Wednesday and there a few articles about horse riding and related equipment like the breeches and boots. I didn’t know that has horse riding activities going on. In fact, I rode a horse once and that was when I was 12 year old, on a school trip to Malacca. Come to think of it, I am not even sure that it was a horse or a donkey that I rode. I was too young to differentiate the two. It was definitely not as huge as the ones we normally see on tv but it could be a pony. Donkeys aren’t exactly small build either. When Mee and I were in Greece, there were donkeys for hire and they were definitely as huge as horses.

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