Fifa 2012 for iPad …

Fifa 2012

I had spent the past weekend doing nothing at all; except playing Fifa 2012 on my iPad and watching TV. As usual for Mee, she cooked and watched her own online TV programs. I just felt weak and my head seemed to be a few kilograms heavier. Anyway, I feel much better now having rested so much.

Playing Fifa 2012 can be quite challenging at times. And frustrating too. When it’s too easy, we wish that it could be harder. But when it’s too hard, we curse the computer (AI). Most of the times, the AI is just ridiculous and it’s better off playing against top teams than playing against teams at the bottom of the table. On some games, the AI goalkeeper is ridiculously good that it could block any shoot from any angle. On the other hand, your goalkeeper can be just rubbish. I have come to the fact that I just play it through no matter how ridiculously good the AI. I will have my revenge the next match. I can’t win all the matches anyway and that’s the same with real life football.

The settings still need some tweaking but I suppose Fifa13 will be very entertaining. Fifa11 is absolutely rubbish. It’s the same like Fifa for PC. It just gets better each year and I still don’t understand why people are complaining. Fifa just works for me.

By the way, I tested playing Fifa12 using iPhone as controller. It worked pretty good but the space is somehow limited. I kept going out of range and a mini-Fling gamepad will be ideal. However, my Fling has broken twice now and I don’t think I will invest in another one until a better one is available in the market.

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