iPod Touch vs PSP …

I remember that I posted something about The Gadget Show last year. It was about one of their reviews on top portable gaming console. iPod Touch came out top, beating PSP and Nintendo and I was admittedly quite furious especially the review was demonstrated by Jason, whom I disliked at that time. A few more episodes, I began to see his funny side and his tremendous gadget knowledge. Anyway, I was spending a lot of time on my PSP at that time mainly because I only have PSP for gaming purposes. The desktop PC is mainly for Mee to use. I later bought a Samsung netbook and the desktop PC is now serving Mee full time. PSP was my only companion before the Samsung netbook.

When I saw that review, I thought how could iPod Touch be the best portable gaming console when it’s not even designed for gaming. I still think I was right but also wrong. Having own an iPad now, I can see how iPod Touch can compete against PSP. The screen is gorgeous though not as big as PSP. Initially, I thought touch screen control would not be better than physical control. Well, I play Fifa 12 on my iPad almost daily now and I do not feel that it is any different from playing Fifa on PSP. True enough, Fifa 11 for iOS was not really a good game to play with but the jump to Fifa 12 really makes it on par with PSP Fifa games. I believe that Fifa 13 will be really great to play.

Adding the accelerometer, playing racing games offers better experience than PSP. Okay, you might say that PSP Vita covers all these but the price is double the price of an iPod Touch. At the time of the review, PSP was still the chunky ones.

iPod Touch does a lot more things mainly because it runs iOS. It’s almost limitless compare to what you can do with PSP. The battery lasts longer and small to pocket too. On top of all that, the loading time is significantly faster than PSP and I can jump from games to games quickly and easily. I don’t even have to worry that I might worn out my PSP buttons and joystick anymore.

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