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Aerish GTX

I have always said about Android themes and a while ago, I published my Android home screen with the title Almost Perfect Android Home Screen. In fact, it’s the home screen that’s keeping me intact with my HTC Desire. Looking at the screen from the previous post, it looks normal like everyone would have on their Android phone. However, I searched high and low recently and managed to put together a few widgets and themes to get the home screen. Well, this is the home screen that I consider to be stylish and elegant yet giving my all the information that I need in one screen. All the widgets and themes are totally free; nothing paid or cracked.

  1. Cyanogenmod Theme – Aerish GTX
  2. Go Launcher EX Theme – Aerish GTX
  3. Weather – 1Weather
  4. Clock – BobClockD3
  5. Calendar – Simple Calendar
  6. Go SMS – Aerish GTX

Now I just love to look at the home screen though the additional pages still look a bit rubbish. Anyway, my plan is to just have icons like iOS for other pages for quick access to apps and games. I do hope that someday, they will create an Aerish GTX theme for Go Locker. The closest match is Diva Theme Go Locker.

For Facebook fans, there’s FaceDroid but I don’t like the matching color; red and blue. I thought it would be better to have white and blue instead.

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