TV commercials

I don’t always like to hear when people say that they hate something. I prefer the word dislike. However, I have to say that I hate watching TV adverts from noon to around 5pm or 6pm. During each commercial breaks, there are always a couple or more adverts about injury lawyer and loan (as I call licensed loan shark). Those loan or payday companies can charge a rate from 2,000% to 3,000% APR written in small print in the adverts. I just can’t believe that they are allowed to advertise and it’s almost like daylight robbery. Initially, I thought that TV adverts have become more and more clever in showing relevant advertisement to relevant TV programs that we are watching. Apparently not. I remember watching Death Race starring Jason Statham and one of the advertisement that was shown was about santa barbara drug alcohol rehab treatment center. I can kind of link it to the movie but certainly not the location. Or maybe it was an American movie. Well, I am confused. Maybe I should rest my eyes during commercial breaks instead.

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