Birthday …

This is going to be a bit stupid, I think. It’s 6th March today and if you look at it the other way, it would have been my birthday, 3rd June. Anyway, things haven’t gone quite smoothly this year. A lot of worries and troubles. As I posted earlier this year, the first thing we got when we came back from our Christmas holiday was the rent increase. As everyone says, everything has been on the rise except the salary. If only I were, …. that’s not going to happen easily, is it?

Hmm… I wonder what I should get for myself this coming birthday. Is the new iPhone ever going to come out by that time? Tomorrow is the so-called iPad3 launch event but it would also be great if Apple gives a little hint on iPhone, though I doubt it. I would be interested to see iPad3 but I won’t be excited because I already have iPad2. I am not as high as to sell my iPad2 in order to get iPad3 or even purchase iPad3 to have it side by side with my iPad2. Enough said, I am not that rich.

I kind of in need of a new mobile phone. Might be able to persuade Mee to get myself a new mobile phone on my birthday. The truth is, it very much depends on our bank account balance and which phone to get. I have several in mind but still unsure. Maybe it’s time to hit the mobile stores in town and play around with latest mobile phones on display!

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