Australia charges everything …

Here I am, eating Ferrero Rocher in the middle of the night. I am quite tired actually but there’s another part of me that’s wide awake. I am hungry at the moment and chocolate is what’s surrounding me. Anyway, I just finished booking 80% of flights and hotels in relation to Mee and my Australia and New Zealand trip. I have to say that it’s quite a tedious job compared to our previous trips. Multiple destinations booking worked when I booked our Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan trip but not this time. Therefore, I have to book multiple one way flight instead. Luckily, they work out to be not very expensive but it’s just the effort in checking each flights and making sure the time matches.

Here are some of the facts that I found out while searching for flights and hotels in Australia. Apparently, there is $15 surcharge when booking flights and 1.5% charge when booking hotels. Most of the hotels don’t offer breakfast included package and when we found one, the breakfast consists of cereal and toast. There’s a charge for extra towels to go to the beach. If you want to check in early, you will have to pay a fee. If you want to check out late, you will have to pay a fee. Best part of all, there is not a single hotel that I can find which includes free wireless internet access. Now I wonder if it will be the same like Amsterdam where you have to pay to use the toilet even at McDonald.

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