Flight booking

While booking for flights, Mee and I tend to look for the cheapest option. It worked in the past but it seems quite different when booking for flight between Australia’s cities. The time can be crucial and the cheapest option always gives either a very early flight or a very late flight. Needless to say, you have to pay more to get the best time; not too early and not too late. Another thing to add to my previous post’s list is that some hotels in Australia charges customers who plan to leave their luggage at the hotel after check out. Anyway, while booking a flight, there’s always this carbon footprint optional charges which I never quite work out what is it about. There was a link underneath there when I was booking for flights within Australia, which I thought it would bring me to a site where it explains in details but it turned out to be some advertisement about hydraulic power units at DFTCorp.com. I gave up in the end but basically, I am just to lazy to find out. And my initial thought has always been that there wouldn’t be many people who are willing to tick something that’s optional and going to add more cost into the booking.

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