The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Every since I was not able to watch Friends on the channel which I no longer subscribe, I have been searching for a comedy show that will interest me. I have seen a few but none really clicked. I guess I have mentioned this before, The Big Bang Theory is what I found in the end. What might be really sad is because they are a bunch of geeks in the show and I guess most of their audience would be geek too, which would indicate me as a geek. I might be wrong but I certainly don’t consider myself as a total geek. Well, at least I don’t part my hair or tuck my shirt in except when working.

A lot of people might see Sheldon Cooper in the show as their favourite character. My favourite character is Howard Wolowitz. However, they all talk funny phrases and if you googled for the phrases that they used in the show, it’s definitely LOL! Or even ROFL!

Though it’s not strictly a technology show, I quite like some of their ideas on technology and of course with science. The robotic arm episode was quite funny and the web video conferencing kit that Sheldon Cooper used to replace him physically in daily life was amusing! Friends is the only comedy show where I can watch over and over again and I think I could do that with The Big Bang Theory too!

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