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Did I mention that my car fail on the first MOT test last month? I was given a £1,400 bill by Kwik Fit and it was the same Kwik Fit that charged me about £1,000 last year when my car failed the MOT test. I am a bit clever this time as I sent my car to Kwik Fit three to four weeks earlier before last year’s MOT certificate expires. Last year, I had no choice but to pay them as it was the last day in my car’s MOT certificate. This time, however, I refused to pay the £1,400 bill and went to another workshop recommended by my work colleague instead. Surprisingly, there were no faults at all, only a couple of things in the advisory.

Kwik Fit

Let’s see. I first received a call saying that in order for my car to pass the MOT test, I will have to repair certain things which would total up to £1,400. When I reached Kwik Fit, I was given a list of faults and also warnings. Of all the years of sending my car for MOT test, I was never asked to repair anything in the advisory section but this time, Kwik Fit included everything in the repair list. The number plates were in the advisory and they look perfectly fine to me and it’s only the letter ‘T’ that looks a little bit out of shape. But anyone looking at it will know that’s a ‘T’. They adjusted my car’s headlamps’ beaming height last year and this year, they wanted to change the pair of headlamps because it’s old. The catalytic converter was again, changed by them last year and they wanted to replace it this year again. I told them that it should still under the warranty. I was then told that the damage was caused by the engine and not the catalytic converter itself. Next is the brake pipe. I was told that the brake pipe has to be replaced and they have to custom made one which of course will take a lot of labour hours. I reached Kwik Fit at around 5pm and I was told that my car can be ready in an hour. While I was thinking whether or not to trust them, the manager asked the staff, who was talking to me at that time, to cross out one of the issues with my car on the sheet of MOT results.

Okay, if it was an error, can you then suddenly decide that it’s not an error anymore? I reached Kwik Fit around 5pm and I was told that my car can be ready in 6pm. If they have to repair and replace so many things, and also the alleged labour extensive custom made brake pipe, how is it possible that they could do it in an hour? When I refused, they just kept on urging me to repair if not they would not have enough manpower to do the job next week. Basically, they could say anything and write anything regarding my car.

As I said, my car passed the MOT test when checked by another workshop. I wonder if I was cheated by Kwik Fit when I let them repair my car last year in order to pass the MOT test.

I will never send my car to Kwik Fit. In fact, I will never step into that Kwik Fit. I have been waiting for Kwik Fit to send me a survey about the recent service but I never got one. I used to get one but only for this particular service, I got none. I think I will write to their head office sometime.

Anyhow, I am quite pleased that my car’s MOT test, road tax, insurance and breakdown service are all on different renewal dates. Otherwise, I will have a hard time to keep up with the payments should my MOT costs me a fortune.

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