The Next Big Thing …

Technology is moving at a very fast rate than ever before. In fact, it is so fast that I believe some gadgets are overpowered. A quad core mobile phone for example. Do we really need it? Would it even make a huge difference? I doubt so. For a computer or laptop, definitely. I guess most of the companies are either running out of ideas  or they are trying to release bits by bits just so they could squeeze our pockets till they get the last penny.

If you look at the past few years of mobile phones’ design, they all look similar. Touch screen smartphone is popular and who would have thought that a bigger touch screen smartphone-like is a big hit? Apple did and others follow. Again, two iPads later, the new iPad still has the same look. The big difference to me would be the Retina display. 5MP camera doesn’t impress me because that’s something we find in everyday smartphone technology. Take a look at Samsung. You could never tell which is which as they all look the same. The only difference is the hardware; faster processor, higher RAM and newer operating system. I will be forced to upgrade my HTC Desire when Android no longer supports it but not because I am attracted to new smartphone designs. On the other hand, there’s always custom ROMs available to choose.

What exactly is the next big thing? iPhone5? I believe that the next iPhone will just be another iPhone. Even the current ultrabook trend is just another attempt to match MacBook Air. Remember the discontinued Dell Adamo? It’s really hard to say what will be the next big thing. Certainly, Apple is trying to venture into every technology field and the most recently rumoured of iTV. But even before Apple could think about it, ITV channel has already issued a warning which says that Apple better not think about using “iTV”.

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