I am watching Last House on the Left at the moment. It’s about a couple of young and reckless teenagers being held captive and tortured by several adults. One ends up being killed and the other one escapes and is rescued by her parents. What comes around, goes around. Her parents eventually kill those who abused their daughter. I have watched this movie a couple of times now and I guess I won’t be watching it till the end tonight as I really need to sleep early. Anyway, it’s quite a good movie and there are certainly some elements of fright and tension throughout the movie. However, I can’t really relate the title to the whole story of this movie.

Talking about movie, Mee and I will be going to cinema on Monday to watch Cabin in the Woods. It’s a horror/thriller genre and I wonder how Mee will react once the movie starts. She is not the fan of horror movies and she got a pillow on her face most of the time when watching Dark Water. We’ll see.

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