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The Apprentice

Just finished watching The Apprentice on BBC1. Since the last few series, The Apprentice is not about a job anymore. It has become a £250,000 investment where Lord Alan Sugar will invest in the winner’s business plan. When you look at how The Apprentice narrator describes all the candidates, they are all very good in business and doing what they do. However, when it comes to doing the tasks that Lord Alan Sugar sets out for them, most tv audience will definitely think that they can do better than them. Honestly, one of them has a company that has £3.5million turnover. Why would he still want a £250,000 investment? Maybe after that amount of turnover, there’s not much net profit left?

It’s quite hard to predict some of the things that might and might not happen in each episode of The Apprentice. For example, I thought that the girls group would won the task but it was the boys group who won. And then when it comes to firing an apprentice, the decision could sometime get affected by how the boardroom conversation goes. It’s all a bit fun watching The Apprentice where you get to criticise and act like an expert.

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