Top Gear and Fifth Gear

Top Gear is one of my favourite tv programmes. Sometimes, I don’t even mind watch an episode from years ago. I just find it quite hilarious seeing the three of them presenting the show. At one stage, I even downloaded their first series of Top Gear. The very first episode of Top Gear, there were only about 20 – 30 live audiences. The audience just got more and more towards the end of the series. In fact, some say that the waiting list is now 3 – 5 years just to get in to see the show live! If you have something to criticise about the show, think again.

Actually, I kind of like the first series because most of the cars presented were affordable and they gave the kind of review where most normal people would appreciate. A few series later, it’s all about super car and occasionally normal consumer car. I wouldn’t blame them and to be honest, it’s a tv programme and it’s showing the cars that aren’t affordable to most people. After all, why would I want to see my car on the show when I am already driving one? Not unless it’s a super car, I think.

The Stig

One very special person on the show is The Stig, who always wear scorpion helmets. He is the one who drives the super cars on the show on a designated track and they then place the lap time on a board to determine the fastest road car at the end of the series. It is claimed that The Stig can drive around the track and record a consistent lap time. I just thought that over time, The Stig should be able to improve his lap time and at the end of the series, he would be recording a faster lap time compared to the beginning of the series.

Fifth gear came and like Top Gear, it started with normal consumer cars and later on, went into super cars too. However, I kind of prefer the way Top Gear presenting a car show. No doubt they all know how to drive but not everyone can present in an interesting way. I don’t think I have ever watched an episode of Fifth Gear from start to finish.

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