Australia weather

Today is not as sunny as yesterday. In fact, it is cloudy at the moment. I am watching tv at the moment and every channel I switch to, it is almost always advertisement. Like UK, the advertisement in the afternoon is always about sales, loans, discounts and of course, easter sales as it is good friday this week and easter Monday next week. Some advertisement that we don’t normally see UK is about whispbar roof racks at I think it’s because of the weather here where the materials used to built the houses here are different from UK. In fact, it’s very similar to Malaysia except that the houses here are a lot bigger.

The weather in Melbourne is kind of temperamental. It can be hot in a moment and chilly next. Like now, it’s quite windy. It’s quite hard to decide what to wear for the day. In addition, they rely on the national weather forecast for the day’s weather. As we have missed the opportunity of visiting the Werribee open range zoo today, we have decided to go there tomorrow instead. Should be an exciting day tomorrow before leaving for Sydney!

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