Expensive …

A question that always come to our mind before travelling is how much foreign currency should we buy. Mee and I both think that we won’t be coming back to Australia in the near future. Hence, it’s best if we could spend it all and we decided to not buy too much Australian dollars. We were a bit wrong as we spent almost half of our money during our time in Perth. The living expenses in Australia is quite high though Australians seem to earn a lot compared to other countries.

Take for example, Mee and I bought a SIM card just for the sake of convenience. The hotels that we booked in Sydney and Gold Coast do not provide free WiFi and we kind of need the internet while we are there. Anyway, the SIM card costs from AUD2 to AUD5 and a minimum recharge from AUD19 depending on the service providers. And every recharge has an expiry date. I thought expiry date was history. My friend in Perth told me that it costs them AUD60 for internet connection only with a 50GB allowance per month. Every meal costs at least AUD10 and the cheapest meal you can get is fast food like McDonald.

I guess Mee and I will have to eat a lot of cup noodles while we are in Sydney and Gold Coast.

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