Feeling ill

Haha… My previous blog post wasn’t really relevant to its title. Well, at the time of typing that blog post, Mee and I were actually at Perth’s airport, waiting to fly to Melbourne. Nevertheless, we are in Melbourne now. Unfortunately, I am not feeling too well since yesterday. I am at Mee’s friend’s home now while both of them went to Melbourne city. I am actually a lot better now and I do hope that I will be fully recovered today. We were supposed to go to Werribee open range zoo today but I was too tired. I guess the tireness was also because we went on a Great Ocean Road tour yesterday. It was a full day tour from 0800 to 1930. There were a lot of stops and we had to get on and off the bus very frequently. Also, the weather was really hot but we felt cold when the wind blew. Hot and cold don’t work well for me I suppose.

Mee’s friend suggested that I go and see a doctor this morning but then again, we will probably be send to buy medicine from pharmacy instead which Mee and I had already done yesterday. If I don’t get better, I might have to visit the hospital! The idea of seeing the wards and hospital carts doesn’t sound very good at all!

By the way, Mee and I paid about AUD87.50 per person online for the Great Ocean Road tour. However, when I looked at the company brochure, it will cost AUD160 per person to book at the visitor centre. That’s almost 50 percent more than what we paid.

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