From Melbourne to Sydney

Mee and I were in Melbourne just this morning and now, I am typing on the bed of a hotel in Sydney. The weather here is quite warm compared to Melbourne. We reached Sydney’s airport at about 2010 and 30 minutes later, we were in our hotel room. We then went out for a walk and the city was still full of people. I guess it’s because of the long weekend break. A lot of my friends said to me that they felt like they were in another country when they arrived in London. Well, I felt the same when I walked around Sydney just now.

This morning, our friend brought us to the Werribee open range zoo as agreed. The weather was cool and sunny occasionally. With the entrance fee, we got a free bus tour. To be honest, the bus tour was the only exciting thing offered by the zoo. At least on the bus, we got to see some animals. After the bus tour, there were nothing much to see. The variety of animals was just too limited. We still very much prefer the Perth’s wildlife zoo. After that, we went back Point Cook town near our friend’s home for lunch. We settled for Nando’s. While on our way back, we saw some discount window on display. Our friend was quite interested with the offer but she couldn’t do much about it as she will be moving to Sydney in a week’s time because of her work. Her house will be rented out after she left and she wonders when she will be back to Melbourne.

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