I am back …

It’s nice to be back, or not… Well, the trip to Australia and New Zealand had been tiring but it certainly gave me a lot to think about. Mee and I have spent most of our time travelling around Europe and I would say they are pretty much the same but different. I don’t really know how to describe but Australia and New Zealand have nothing much in common. It’s like travelling to another world, hence, it’s quite refreshing for me. And hence, it makes me think a lot. My visa is going to end soon and though the HR manager has kind of given me the assurance that the company will support my visa application, I haven’t been given any concrete information. One of the HR staffs has promised to find out if the college is eligible to extend my work permit before I went on holiday and to this date, I heard nothing from them. That’s the kind of efficiency that the company is trying to promote I believe.

Anyhow, there’s always the need for plan B. Would living in Australia or New Zealand suits both Mee and me? Hmm… it’s not like I can just go there and live whenever I like. I may or may not qualify to live there based on the point system. Most importantly, IT may not be classified as a shortage in most countries. Then again, there’s the waiting time, IELTS test and other tests in order to complete the application. I think that I still need more rest to have a clearer mind. I have been thinking too much lately.

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