Good news

One of my housemates is about to move out at the end of this month I think. It’s funny that we never heard anything from our landlord. I thought we should always be informed about anything that is happening or going to happen in our rented house. We wouldn’t want to come home one day and find a “stranger” walking in the house. Anyway, I am going to be the bad guy now and say that it’s good that the fellow housemate moves out. She has been a total nightmare for the past year. Even more ridiculous is that our landlord seems to always listen to what she says without investigate. Due to an incident, Mee and I found out her true colours and we just keep a distance from her. Unknowingly to us, she just keeps complaining to the landlord about us.

We couldn’t care much and if there’s something serious, I am sure that the landlord will talk directly to us. I am pretty sure that we haven’t done anything wrong. Otherwise, the landlord would have spoken to us if anything she says was valid.

Well, even though she is only renting a small single room, I bet that she has as many things as Mee and I have in this house. She starts to pack her stuffs into boxes and moves them into the living room. I saw a brand new dvd storage box and come on, who still uses that kind of thing? I thought everything went digital a long time ago except games and she is definitely not a gamer. On the other hand, there are less and less gamers buying games in the form of dvd nowadays.

I can’t wait for a new guy or gal to move in but hopefully, that person will be a good one though chances are quite slim considering that the landlord doesn’t have a good instinct. Maybe he just wants money rather than having a good tenant.

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