Texting through messy Viber

Every since Mee and I came back from our Australia and New Zealand trip, Mee has been texting my cousins in New Zealand through Viber. Most of the time, she was asking about home cook recipes as well as tailgating recipes from my aunt. Since then, Mee has been following those tips and advices in her everyday cooking. One of the problems, which is not related to those recipes, is Viber. Mee’s iPhone is still running on iOS 4.3.3 and I have been urging her to update it to the latest iOS 5.1. Viber is the culprit as there is no way of doing a backup on the messages and neither does iTunes backup Viber. I can’t imagine why such a popular app is so poorly designed. It’s free but there are a lot of free apps that are designed better than that.

The most annoying thing was when I tweeted Viber regarding turning off notifications whenever I received a text message. Viber support then tweeted that I can turn off my phone’s notifications. My phone has its own notification settings, my message app has its own notification settings, Whatsapp has its own notification settings and even my alarm has its own notification settings. Judging from what the Viber support has told me, they don’t seem to have a great deal of knowledge on mobile phone user experiences. I might as well power off my mobile phone if I were to continue using Viber. In fact, it might be a myth why so many users using Viber. It’s free but not great.

On another note, I better ask Mee to copy out her Viber messages manually before her messages get out of control.

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  1. Viber


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!

    On version 2.1.5 for iPhone there is a new feature which allows you to send your texts message to your e-mail account. Then you can save all the information you need.

    If you have any questions we’d be happy to assist. 🙂
    Thank you,
    Viber Team

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