Bokwa …


My whole body is aching now. I did a free weight session at the gym on Tuesday, Body Attack on Wednesday and Pilates today. Luckily, it will be a rest day for me tomorrow before Body Balance on Saturday and another free weight session on Sunday. Sometimes, I wonder if my body will ever recover. Whenever my muscles recovered, I would try to lift more weight. And then I would work harder during Body Attack. The only time I really have a rest is when I fall sick, normally fever and cough. After that, I have to go through all the training again just to get back up to my normal weight and stamina. I think I sounded a bit daft. Anyway, my plan now is to take more care on my body. Even though I still have late night sleep but believe me, I am trying hard to sleep early. It’s just that I have too much things to think lately.

During my last Body Attack session, the instructor mentioned that she will be opening a new class on Friday. I think only a third of the class was kind of interested in it as the class will be set to start from 1930. It’s kind of late, especially it’s a Friday night. The class is called Bokwa and it’s kind of like the latest keeping fit trend. Much like Zumba fever. I looked at some videos on the internet regarding Bokwa but they didn’t look interesting. I didn’t think it’s as high energy as Body Attack and the routine was like repeating all the time. When it’s officially start, which I believe there will be certain charge since the instructor is going to rent the studio for the purpose of teaching Bokwa, I might go to the gym and have a peek. Chances are I won’t be interested in it though the instructor did mention that it’s more suitable for men than women. However, most of the students in Youtube Bokwa videos were women.

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