IT plan continues

Just two days ago, I powered up my netbook and found out that the battery wasn’t charging. I tried to plug and unplug numerous times but to no avail. I searched the internet for solutions and apparently, there have been many cases where Samsung NC10’s battery just died suddenly. Some users had only used it for a couple of month. In a way, I am considered lucky because I bought it at the end of 2008 with moderate usage before I bought MacBook Air. It has been left in the cupboard for almost a year. Until I took it out last week to restore it. Surprisingly, it’s charging again last night. However, the calibration is off and the operating system will just show that the battery is empty all the time and the battery light will always be in charging state no matter how many hours I leave it plugged. Anyway, it’s charging and I can’t ask for more for now.

I am slowly turning it into a mini server. I have installed iTunes and it is now home sharing musics to my MacBook Air and iPad2. I have also created a shared folder and moved some of my files from MacBook Air to the folder. So far so good and hopefully, I can start freeing up my MacBook Air disk spaces.

I think I am kind of satisfied with the gadgets that I have at the moment. The only complain that I have would be my mobile phone. Though it’s less than two-year-old, I am starting to get annoyed by it. It’s constantly on low disk space state which means I can’t install anymore stuffs in it. I still can’t understand why Android is designed to utilise a mobile phone disk space so poorly. For example, my HTC Desire has around 500MB of ROM. Out of the 500MB, only 200MB can be used for apps and games. Even though I can move the apps and games to my 4GB SD card, it still leaves some bits and pieces in the ROM. And any cache is stored in the 200MB internal memory space instead of the 4GB SD card. I didn’t have to deal with this kind of problem when I used Windows Phone 6 and Android is considered to be much more advance and newer. I wonder why?

The one gadget that I will not get for myself is ereaders. My sis has asked me to “like” Amazon Kindle to enter a prize draw. Well, I have just done it though I am not really keen on doing that. Coincidentally, the drawing date is the same date as the draw for some of my charity raffle tickets that I bought yesterday. Hmm… I do hope to win something thought I am rubbish when it comes to prize drawing and stuffs.

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