iTunes home sharing

Since I turned on iTunes home sharing, I kind of like the idea a lot. Apple products are naturally compatible with iTunes and iTunes is available to Windows operating system as well. By having iTunes installed, I can use the home sharing function and every gadgets on the same network will be able to browse the same collection of musics. I no longer have to be thinking about where I should be storing my musics. Even more, I have also started to let iTunes organise my musics rather than organising them myself. There is also one particular good option in iTunes which is the ability to show duplicates. Most of the time, I download UK Top 40 and you know, the songs in the Top 40 are mostly the same for few weeks in a row with occasionally a few new songs. With the show duplicates function, I don’t have to compare the list myself.

After using iTunes home sharing, it kind of makes me want to get myself an iPhone. Integrated is great when it all works. And in this case, Apple products really work well. iCloud would be the next thing on my list. And Apple TV. And an iMac. Hmm… I wonder if I will be categorised as Apple fan? But as my friend said, if it’s good, why not?

Since I started using home sharing, it seems like I am getting a lot of music related advertisement such as buy Allen Heath mixer. I must admit that I ran Garageband a few times too. And some of the advertisement is related to the keyboard that I bought many months ago. Anyway, I wonder if these advertisement really brings them any business at all as most of the time, I don’t click them.

On another note, it’s my birthday today. Happy Birthday to me!

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