Not moving just yet

It’s been a while since I last talked about moving to a house or even buying one. Well, it’s not really possible at the moment due to many reasons. I guess the biggest factor is whether or not Mee and I can continue living and work here as my permit will end at the end of October. Up until now, the company that I am working at the moment has shown interest in supporting my application. However, they have to meet certain requirements before they can make proper application. Hence, Mee and I do not want to make any harsh move and just be content for now.

There are four rooms in this house and we are renting the large room downstairs. It’s sort of a converted lounge, so it is bigger than normal double bedroom. We are quite satisfied with it but the one thing that I don’t like is that it is downstairs. I hope to have a room upstairs instead as when summer comes, I can just open the windows without worrying that someone might come into my room. Some of the windows have linear actuators unlike our room, once it’s opened, it can be opened big enough for an actual person to go through. Unfortunately, none of the upstairs’ room is the same or bigger than the room we have at the moment. And the landlord is only renting the rooms for single occupant only.

Until I can get a better picture, or better, I manage to extend my permit, we could then find a better and stable place to live in.

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