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This is currently my lock screen. As simple as it may seem, it actually consists of 6 widgets and the lock screen itself. The lock screen is Widgetlocker which is the first Android app that I bought. I have stopped using it for about 6 months maybe, because I couldn’t get it working with the system’s pin security. Well, since I formatted my HTC Desire sometime last week, I somehow got it working again. The clock is the fantastic mClock where you can find tons of custom XML where users can design the clock into many shapes and sizes. Since Widgetlocker supports overlap widgets, I manage to get SiMi Weather widget to fit just above the month.

Below the clock where it says “No item found” is the Simple Calendar Widget, which obviously displays my calendar items as well as Google Tasks. So far, I find that Simple Calendar Widget is easy to customise and also one of the best widgets that displays both Google Calendar and Google Tasks.

I almost lost my hope on this next widget which displays the number of missed calls and smses. I searched high and low and the only thing that I found is to have a call icon and a sms icon on the lock screen and a small number will display beside the icons whenever there’s a missed call or a sms. Icons don’t really work well here as what I am trying to create is less pictures and all with letters and numbers. Anyway, the internet now is congested with tons of information. If you search it right, you can easily find the things that you want in seconds. If not, you better try it later. That’s what I did and about a day or two later, I found what I want and it’s the Ultimate Custom Clock. Well, it does more than just missed calls and smses. Ultimate Custom Clock does the Next Alarm, Weather, Wifi, Battery and more.

For the battery, I didn’t use Ultimate Custom Clock. I use Minimalistic Text Widget. The name of the widget is quite self explanatory. I then use Advanced Clock Widget to display my Next Alarm, Weather and WiFi network. I could have used Ultimate Custom Clock to replace Advanced Clock Widget and Minimalist Text Widget but these widgets are so lightweight that I am not bothered with them in terms of performance at the moment.

Best of all, all 7 widgets are free and as far as I know, Widgetlocker is probably the only lock screen app which supports widgets. And you can see why I had to buy this app.

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