Another book club meeting

Yesterday was our colleagues’ second book club meeting that Mee and I went. Well, Mee and I didn’t discuss the book and we were just there to show them the pictures that we took during our holiday in Australia and New Zealand. Last time, I believe that it took us almost 2 hours to show just half of the photos that we took. Prior to the book club meeting yesterday, Mee managed to find sometime to select around 500 photos out of 1900 photos. Hence, it only took us about 30 minutes this time.

After that, we just sat there and chat for an hour or so. They talked about shoes and dyeing leather and I didn’t talk much since I haven’t got leather shoes and my collection of shoes is quite small. But as they may have already known, I would normally just sit there and listen to what they say and talk about. I think that’s just me in an all English ladies environment minus Mee. Hmm… I don’t mind going to their book club meeting though I think that they wouldn’t be able to talk as many topics as they can with me around there.

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