Book club meeting

I wonder if my colleagues will invite us to their next book club meeting. Mee and I are certainly not into books and we have no photos to show them anymore but it’s nice to have a chat or gossiping if you like. On the other hand, that’s me thinking if they would like us to be there. Though I have work with them for almost five years now, we are only close with a few of them. It’s impossible to know how someone thinks. They might want us to be there but not sure if we like to be there. Or they don’t want us to be there but they thought it’s polite to ask. Hence, it’s best not to think.

Anyway, some of them are still using paperback books while some of them have move on to e-books. Though none of them is using Kindle, which is the most popular e-Reader. The other day, I heard one of my colleagues asking about best free audio books website. I was quite surprise by that because some of them have only just move from books to e-books and now audio books? Well, I am still not interested in those three. You may disagree but I think the best experience is to watch a movie about it. After all, most movies are depicted from books.

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