Food processor

Mee’s mini food chopper is dead. She bought it from our previous trip to Malaysia. I can’t say it’s the best mini food chopper but I certainly would not buy that. But it’s really cheap. Well now, she is in search for a food processor. I guess a proper food processor will really save a lot of preparation in cooking. I become a very lazy person whenever Mee asks me to prepare the food for her to cook. A food processor would have save a lot of time. I always say that sleeping is a waste of time though essential. Cooking is one of the things which I will say it’s a waste of time for me. But for Mee, it’s almost like one of her hobbies. She can stay in the kitchen for hours while I can’t wait to get back to our room.

Having said all that, she cooks for us and it’s my responsibility to prep the food anyway. But a food processor is certainly welcomed. Since it’s coming to the end of the year and we are in no rush to purchase one, I believe that Mee will wait for Christmas sales! Yeah, it’s too early to talk about Christmas but time flies and before you know it, it’s another year.

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