Safari 6.0 …

Do you remember the first Internet browser you actually used? I remember mine but not the version though. It was Netscape. I think I am quite a loyal user when it comes to software usage. While using Netscape, Internet Explorer and Opera were on the rise. I still stuck with Netscape and refused to change until Internet Explorer and Opera offered more than what Netscape was capable of doing.

Everything new sounds good but whether or not they could remain an interest after a prolong use is another question. Opera offered things that Netscape couldn’t do; multiple tabs/screens one a single browser and faster browsing. I was attracted to Opera for a short while but soon, I switched to Internet Explorer as Opera couldn’t display webpages as good as Internet Explorer. And then Mozilla Firefox. And then Chrome. And now Safari.

At work, I still use Internet Explorer. My development has to be mainly focused on Internet Explorer as that’s what lecturers and students will be using when they come to the college. Personally, I have started using Safari ever since I bought myself a MacBook Air. Safari works well on Mac but it wasn’t that great on Windows operating system. Somehow, I am used to it and I use both Internet Explorer and Safari at work and mainly Safari at home.

As I mentioned earlier, I am quite a loyal user and since Safari works well for me from the beginning, I am reluctant to change. To be honest, Safari wasn’t one of the best browsers available until when I updated mine to version 6.0. The most noticeable difference is the combination of web address bar and search bar. I have waited for this update since I started using Safari. I wonder if it will ever get updated to Windows version of Safari. But as long as I got it on my MacBook Air, I am satisfied. Initially, I thought that it will only be available to the latest OS X Mountain Lion but I am glad that I was wrong.

I might sound silly because other than the combination of web address bar and search bar, I don’t think that I will gain much from this latest update. Oh yeah, the Reading List is now available for offline. I never used it before but I can see it being quite useful before I go abroad or storing interesting articles as I browse. As I have only updated it in the middle of the night, I can wait to go home now and use Safari with multi-gestures as seen in the Apple’s WWDC 2012 Keynote.

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