New Hotmail …

New Hotmail

Remember that I talked about the new Windows 8 and how much I like to styling and the used of Metro UI? You might have already known this but the Metro UI is in Hotmail now. I think the last time I logged in to my Hotmail account was about 4 – 5 months ago? But, WOW, the interface now is so much clean and faster. Everything looks so simple and not cluttered with dozens of unknown icons where you have to hover over them to know their functions. If Hotmail keeps this clean, I am sure that more and more users will start using Hotmail as their main email account. However, I am probably not one of them.

I am too used to Yahoo! mail now. It’s not the fastest email and it’s packed with advertisement but I know where are my things around Yahoo! mail. Google Mail is the one mail account that I can’t really get used to. I had once tried to use it as my main email account to take advantage of the huge storage space but in the end, I just gave up. It has an archived function which I can’t really understand what it is about compared to moving to another folder or trash. It uses labels instead of folders. Anyway, I just can’t get used to it.

Now, I can’t wait to see Microsoft updates its Hotmail app to match the Metro UI.

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