The new iPhone …

The hottest technology topic now is the iPhone 5, or the new iPhone or whatever Apple will call it when it launches. At first, I found it quite interesting reading the news by just googling for iPhone 5. It has now kind of confirmed that the new iPhone will have a 4″ screen,smaller dock connector, smaller SIM holder, different earphone jack location and bigger battery. Everything else pretty much stays the same as iPhone 4/4S. I believe that many Apple fans would love the idea that the rumours so far are not exactly true. I am not sure how smartphone users will react when they see the new iPhone as a copy of the old iPhone but just slightly longer. Sure enough when Apple introduces it, the new iPhone will be an exciting product no matter how resemblance it will be to iPhone 4/4S.

As time moves on, the world wide web is just circling the news around. A lot of tech bloggers have different opinions and a lot of the articles are just copying one another with no new information coming through. Well, even now, I am repeating most of the information about the new iPhone. The question now is not when will it arrive? but when I can hold one?

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