Virgin Mobile offers …

I have been getting a lot of missed calls lately and they all came from the same number. As always, I googled it and dozens of people have the same calls; Virgin Media. Since I have been getting at least one missed call a day from that number, I finally answered it yesterday. The lady who called was actually quite nice and she was trying to get me signed up on their Virgin Mobile service. With that, I was offered a Samsung Galaxy Ace which I wasn’t interested at all. Bear in mind that Apple is going to announce the latest iPhone on the 12th Sept 2012 which is tomorrow! I was quite determined not to waste any of our time and told her that I wanted to wait for the latest iPhone. I guess she doesn’t know that Apple is about to announce the latest iPhone as she kept saying that Samsung Galaxy Ace is equivalent to iPhone in terms of hardware specifications.

Knowing that I plan to get an iPhone, she still offered me a SIM only plan for use while I wait for the iPhone. I don’t quite get it. Why would I want to take the trouble to sign up a SIM only plan just for a couple of weeks and I have to ditch it when I bought myself an iPhone? For your information, Virgin Mobile doesn’t support iPhone. However, the SIM only plan was really good. It’s only £7 per month and I get a couple of hundreds minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data. That really got me thinking whether or not I should be getting a Samsung Galaxy SIII or HTC One X instead of an iPhone. Anyway, tomorrow is the iPhone announcement and I shall decide it after that. I believe that I will be able to see one in our local Apple Store this Saturday.

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