Dragons’ Den

I watched a few episodes of Dragon’s Den last week and it seemed like they were the new series of Dragon’s Den. I saw some advertisement previously but never follow up as to when the new series are up even though I am a big fan of it. Having said that, I am a big fan of Liverpool but I never really know much about her history. Anyway, the part that I like to watch is when they scrutinised the business plans to every single detail. After all, the Dragons are the investors and they need to know if the business plans will work if they are going to invest. Sometimes, I wonder if there are any rules as to how the people make their pitch. I just thought why no one actually prepares a summary of their business plans on paper and distributed it to the Dragons before the pitch. It’s an initiative and much clearer when everything is laid out on paper. There were so many people who met the Dragons and couldn’t get a deal because they were unable to remember their companies’ vital figures on top of their heads. I would be sitting in front of the TV and started asking myself why didn’t they just write it down somewhere or have the figures on a piece of paper which then pass it to the Dragons before the start of the pitch.

As always, every time I saw someone pitching websites, I will start to think that there are so many websites out there already and I didn’t think that the Dragons will be interested in investing them. I was wrong at times as there was a pitch about a website that sells baby products, just like the GreenPea Baby & Child website that sells boutique nursery bedding and other baby products. After some serious scrutiny from the Dragons, three of the five Dragons were actually interested and in the end, a Dragon got the deal and the website creator was extremely happy too.

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