Patience is virtue …

I am still patiently awaits to purchase an iPhone 5. A few days after its launch in the UK, it went into reservation mode where only customers who reserve online will be able to purchase one in store. In other words, there will be no more walk in customers for iPhone 5. Just last Friday, Apple launched iPhone 5 in another 22 countries and that immediately put the reservation mode on halt the next day. The stock is definitely scarce, or Apple is trying to make the stock looks scarce. Anyway, I wonder when there will be any stock at all in the UK. However, I did manage to find some stock on iPhone 5 64GB model from Carphonewarehouse. Will I want to buy a smartphone that costs £699? Nope. I am still sticking with the 16GB model.

I still remember the time when I bought my iPad2. That was around my birthday and armed with some vouchers given by my colleagues, Mee and I went to London to make the purchase. At the time of the purchase, it was about 3 months after the launch date. We searched a few stores and we couldn’t seem to find an iPad2 with 16GB capacity. There were lots of 64GB and in the end, we found one store with 32GB. I went for that instead as I just can’t wait any longer.

iPhone 5 sales is stronger than iPad2 and judging by that rate, I wonder when I will be able to get hold of one. All I can do now is wait.

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