iPhone 5 Purple Halo …

This is my first time blogging using iPhone 5’s WordPress app. As I am typing, I realise that I may have to edit them again using normal browser. There is no way to change the uploaded picture’s size by percentage. It’s either custom or a selection of sizes which I don’t really want.

Anyway, that’s not important. What I am going to focus on is the purple fringing problem that’s everyone is talking about. At first, I have to say that the purple fringing thing really affected my decision on whether or not to purchase an iPhone 5. One of my reasons to purchase a new smartphone is to have a reasonable camera quality. I then went to a mobile phone shop to look at Samsung Galaxy SIII. As you may have already known, it’s huge and just after a few moment with it, I knew that my decision will still be iPhone 5.

Today appears to be somewhat good weather with sun and all that. I thought it might be a good idea to test the camera. I have previously taken a photo of our room’s light and it looked normal to me. So, here’s what I did just now. I positioned the sun light to the corner of the iPhone screen where the camera situated. After a few tries, I still didn’t get that purple fringing or purple halo that everyone’s talking about. The photo above is the proof.

So, either it’s affecting a certain batches of iPhone 5 or I just got lucky with my unit.

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