A week later

Hmm… I might as well renamed my blog to iPhone 5. I sense that I am going to blog about iPhone 5 for the rest of all my posts. A bit exaggerated but there seems to be a lot to talk about iPhone 5. Well, first of all, it’s been a week since I used it. The new “lightning cable” seems to have charged my iPhone 5 faster compare to Mee’s iPhone 4. In addition, I use my iPad charger to charge Mee’s iPhone 4 while I charge my iPhone 5. Nowadays, I tend not to charge smartphones overnight. It only takes about an hour or two to fully charged.

So far, I am a happy iPhone 5 customer. There are a few minor complains but I think I can get used to them eventually. First off, I missed one of Mee’s messages because there’s no notification LED. Although iOS will alert me twice in the space of around 10 seconds when there are new messages or missed calls, it’s no use when I am away from my iPhone for longer than that. I am so used to looking at the notification LED on my HTC Desire that I simply forgot to wake up my iPhone to check for any new messages or missed calls.

I am not a fan of the new design of App Store. It’s no longer in a list view and it’s now an app per page. While browsing the apps page by page, I realise that the quality control of the apps going into App Store is deteriorating, as claimed and proven by many iOS users and bloggers. I saw an app on hydraulic pump. I was quite interested in downloading it but as all reviews have advised other users not to download it, I decided to skip that opportunity.

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