Critical month

It’s the end of 2012 and Mee and I are in a somewhat awkward position. After this month, it’s either stay in the UK or leave the UK. I believe that we still pretty much want to continue living here but the ultimate decision is not ours. While I am pretty confident and optimistic, I do believe that we always have to prepare for the worst in every matter. Even then, there’s a lot of things going on in my current workplace and most of the time, I feel quite stress out. Well, it’s not all bad things that’s happening in my workplace. Provided that we can still live in the UK after this month and with a little bit of luck and more effort, I believe that Mee and I will be two very happy persons.

Anyway, I am still stress. I cope stress by being lazy when I am at home. I just play games, watch movies and sometimes, blog. I do have to work from home at times but that’s just stressing me out even more.

It’s been about one and a half year since I last went back to Malaysia. I can’t say that I miss home. I think my work has taken away my focus and thoughts about other stuffs. Sometimes, I can’t help but to think what I am going to do at work the next day. The work is never-ending and if I don’t plan ahead, it will be difficult to cope. My not so new manager has been with us for months already. At first, he has tons of ideas but deep down, I don’t think many of them will work. It did work for the first few weeks but then, it’s now going back to our usual way. In fact, I feel that it’s worst because most of the tasks that he received are always considered as top priority but he never thought about the tasks that I have in hand. He asks to let him know about any tasks that come directly to me and he will then decide. So far, a few tasks later, I don’t hear anything back from him anymore.

Enough about me. Mee has been asking me about when we can go back to Malaysia. Well, it’s definitely not this month and I don’t think I can go away in November. Flight ticket will be expensive at this time anyway. Hence, realistically, it will be next year. An all staff email has come out today to inform staffs about the holiday policy and I haven’t gotten the chance to look at it yet.

Hmm.. I will be quite interested to look at my brother’s house as he has renovated it about 8 months ago. I wonder if he still keeps the table fountain and I will be interested to see his front porch and kitchen too.

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