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A few days ago, I received an email from Virgin Media, informing that my broadband speed has gone up from 10MB to 30MB. I was quite excited as since the beginning of this year, I have already been receiving mails from Virgin Media saying that they will be upgrading my broadband for free. Anyway, after I got that email, I googled for broadband speed test. There are various websites offering free broadband speed test. I tried a few and they all give different speed reading. The lowest speed I got from those tests was about 12MB while the highest was the claimed 30MB.

To be honest, I don’t believe that I am receiving the true 30MB. I don’t feel any much difference from the 10MB speed that I have been getting in the past few years though at times, downloading apps seem to be a lot faster than before. Maybe it’s just not stable yet. In case you don’t know, the MB doesn’t stand for megabytes, it’s actually megabits. If you are thinking that the 30MB broadband speed means that you are transferring 30MB equivalent to the hard disk space, then you are wrong. Do a search on 30 megabits to megabytes and you will find that it’s only 3.75 megabytes.

I have been a Virgin Media customer for almost 5 years now. My broadband package started out at 2MB and then to 10MB and now 30MB. Though they increased the bill by at least £1 a year, I am quite pleased that they keep improving their service instead of just doing nothing for the customer. Just a few months ago, there’s a broadband problem in the area and the customer service just offered to send a new Virgin Media Superhub with not questions asked. My wireless router is already quite old and unstable at times and that offer comes in very handy. The customer service personnel also said that the modem that I had was quite old and may not be receiving the true Virgin Media speed. Hence, the new Virgin Media Superhub should provide me a stable connection and also eliminating the need for an additional wireless router.

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