The keyboard that we bought about a year ago is now gathering dust. I guess that I want to be interested in music but I just don’t put in enough effort. I have garage band installed on my PC as well as my iPad2 but I don’t think that I have actually run them many times before. I still receive newsletters and emails from the shop where I bought the keyboard. Most of the times, it’s about the latest product available in their store like the new Bigsby kit. It doesn’t interest me much because they are guitars’ equipment. I think that I still prefer to listen to music instead. In fact, I am trying out my iPhone 5 earphone at the moment. You know, the oddly shaped earphone. It’s the first time I actually took the earphone out of its box since I bought my iPhone 5 back in October. Hmm… the sound seems a bit clearer and the bass is definitely better. But that’s maybe because the earphone actually fits better than the old earphone. I have an in ear JVC earphones which I reckon it sounds better than this but my ears hurt if I use it for a long period. Mind you I don’t do loud music. Anyway, this new Apple earphones might allow me to enjoy better music since the traditional earphones are too loose to give enough bass and the in ear earphones are not comfortable for my ears.

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