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Even though my iPhone 5 is my main phone now, I still use my HTC Desire pretty much everyday. Whatsapp is still active and I still use it to communicate with my friends and there are a few apps that are available on Android and not on iOS. In addition, I have some mobile survey apps installed on my HTC Desire which allow me to collect points and rewards. One of the apps actually require my HTC Desire to be an active mobile. Hence, I requested a free SIM card from Orange and installed on it. So far, I have not made any calls using the Orange number. In fact, I don’t even top up my account and it has been £0 since the day I installed it on my HTC Desire.

Oddly enough, I received a missed call from the number 08434102339. By doing a search in Google, I found out that it is a phone call regarding Payment Protection Insurance. I never use the number to make any phone calls and I never use it to register any websites. So yes, it is highly possible that Orange itself provides its customers’ details to various companies. Are all mobile network companies doing the same thing? Should they be allowed to do such thing? I always thought that I got those nuisance phone calls is because I registered my mobile numbers in various websites. My new Orange mobile number seems to suggest otherwise.

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