Christmas is getting closer. At work, you can hear Christmas songs and musics playing repeatedly in some departments. Even the all male IT department has got a medium size Christmas tree and dozens of Christmas decoration items. On TV, all sorts of retailers regardless big or small have started advertising. I guess it’s sort of a final push as the week after next is Christmas! Even Apple has its iPod advert rolling almost every hour. The new iPad Mini app is also kind of cute when it uses Garageband app to make the introduction. Microsoft too has its Surface tablet advert accompanied with interesting combination of music styles. And of course, gaming; PS3, Nintendo Wii and XBox. Games about music, such as Zumba, seem to be quite popular nowadays. On very rare occasion, we also see software advertisement such as the top ableton live and antivirus software. Anyway, surely anyone will be using Christmas as an excuse to buy whatever that they want.

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