Toyota Auris, my latest car …

I took half a day off today just so I can be at the car dealer and look at the car before making the final payment. The reason that I took half a day off is just so Mee and I can have a look at the car in bright daylight. Initially, we agreed on collecting the car after work but that would be very dark by the time I reached the dealer. The things that he had promised to do, he has kind of done it. He bought the original car paint from Toyota for the stone chip marks and suggested that we apply it once in a while so that they will be levelled eventually. When we got home, I opened the manual book and Toyota actually supplies some stickers specially for stone chip marks. I guess I am going to use the stickers rather than applying the paint. Just before we drove out of the garage, we found out that the windscreen has a little stone chip mark too. Anyway, the dealer told me that I can easily have it fixed by contacting my insurance company. As I am now on comprehensive cover, I can have it fixed for free.

When we started looking for cars, I had already read tons of reviews about Toyota Auris. Hence, it doesn’t really surprise me when I first drove it. Initially, I thought the engine will be underpowered but I think it is alright. While driving it just now, it struggled a bit when going up hill but that might be because I am still quite used to Ford Focus which has a 1.6 litre engine. A gear change later, it was smooth again. On motorway, it cruised happily on sixth gear. The shift indicator has caught Mee’s attention and every now and then, Mee will ask me to change gear because the shift indicator said so. To be honest, I don’t really care that much and it can be quite distracting. Overall, Toyota Auris’ first drive was good though it didn’t grip the road as good as Ford Focus, bearing in mind that my old Ford Focus is 13-year-old.

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