Second day with my car …

I am still not quite getting used to driving Toyota Auris. The interior design makes the car seems bulky and I can’t even see the front of the car no matter how I position myself inside the car. I have to admit that it is wider, though not longer than my old Ford Focus. I no longer have that kind of confidence when it comes to parking. Reverse parking is a lot easier for me when driving Toyota Auris. Eventually, I will get used to it.

As Mee and I are going to the car dealer tomorrow to change one of the brake light bulbs, we have been testing the electronic equipment as well as every single lights just so we don’t have to make yet another trip. By the way, I almost drove into my neighbours gate just now. Well, it sounded serious but actually, it’s not. The reverse gear is just next to the first gear and while I was trying to reverse my car, I was actually on first gear. Hence the close shave. Anyway, I don’t normally accelerate quickly and when the car went forward a little bit, I stopped immediately and reposition the gear. By that gear design, it would have been great if there’s an indicator on the dashboard  to show that the car is on reverse gear or otherwise.

Mee and my plan was to go for a smaller car originally. We ended up with a similar size car, if not wider. Well, in my mind, it’s smaller already as it only has a 1.33 litre engine.

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